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XDI FK8 Injectors

XDI FK8 Injectors

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We have Two versions compatible with the Civic Type R.

XDI 1350cc

The drop in street injector that can support 600whp on gasoline and 530 on ethanol blends.  This injector has perfect idle and oem drivability characteristics to suite your daily driver or track oriented build.

  • +20% flow
  • Solid up to 250bar
  • Optimized filter and inlet design
  • Compatible with Hondata & Motec ONLY

XDI 2000cc

Injectors for the K20C1 are a direct bolt in injector capable of flowing well over 600whp on e85!  This is a race only injector due to its size.  Dont expect a crisp clean idle when using gasoline and such large injectors but get the massive fuel flow needed for ~700whp

  • +80% flow
  • Solid to 220bar
  • Optimized filter and inlet design
  • Compatible with Motec ONLY


Perform NC has tuning notes to help get you started and your best chance with good idle characteristics with this massive injector.


Item Specifications

Platform Fitment: FK8

Engine: K20C1 Engines

Material: Forged 4340 Steel

Item SKU: XDI-i016-19/XDI-i016-80

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