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Rear Camber Arms- Civic X

Rear Camber Arms- Civic X

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SPC- 67476

Get your 10th generation Civic ready for the track with SPC's forged aluminum adjustable rear camber arm. SPC forged aircraft grade aluminum arm weights less than the OE arm it will replace. The arm is built with SPC's xAxis sealed flex joint to reduce compliance. Its unique adjustment design permits on-car adjustment of plus or minus 3.0 degrees camber. Whether you need negative camber and reduced compliance for the track or want to get back to OE specifications this is the arm for you.

Eibach- 5.67476K


  • Precision Alignment Camber Arm Kit for Maximum Performance.

  • Prevents Uneven Tire Wear.

  • Wider Range of Camber Adjustment-Suitable for Street or Track Tuning

  • One-Year Warranty

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