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Mishimoto FK8 Race Intake 3.2" MAF

Mishimoto FK8 Race Intake 3.2" MAF

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After performing extensive R&D on our 2017+ Civic Type R, our team decided to create an intake system to provide maximum airflow to support bolt-on modifications, alternate fuel use, and aggressive ECU tuning.

Mishimoto’s Race Intake System is the ultimate air intake upgrade and includes our aluminum turbocharger inlet tube, oversized MAF housing, precision-designed airbox, and a high-flow serviceable air filter.

Our inlet tube is constructed with a robust CNC-machined cast-aluminum turbo compressor inlet connection flange. This mating surface is designed to OEM specifications, providing a perfect bolt-on fit. The upper portion of the tube is fabricated from mandrel-bent aluminum piping, which is professionally TIG welded to the cast lower. The inlet tube mates to our 4” rotational-molded MAF housing via a durable 4-ply silicone coupler. This MAF housing includes mounting flanges for the MAF sensor as well as the EVAP hose flange.

The most significant component for this complete intake system is our precision rotational-molded airbox. By using high-strength cross-linked polyethylene, we were able to develop an extremely efficient design providing fantastic airflow and resistance to engine bay heat-soak. Rounding out the airflow path is our high-flow oiled air filter, providing massive air entry surface area and filtration.

Using the latest in 3D printing, CAD modeling, and flow bench technology, we created an optimal airflow pathway from the turbocharger to the intake airbox, resulting in a measured 33.7% improvement in intake airflow.

We offer the option of either a red or black powder-coated finish, providing an excellent aesthetic upgrade for your engine bay. As with all our products, this Race Intake Kit for the 2017+ Honda Civic Type R includes our signature Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.

  • 3.2" MAF Diameter
  • Complete intake system includes turbocharger inlet tube, MAF housing, airbox, and filter
  • 33.7% less restrictive than stock intake system
  • Increased flow for more power potential with a tune
  • Designed using the latest in 3D printing, CAD modeling, and flow bench technology
  • Precision CNC-machined cast-aluminum turbo compressor inlet connection
  • Enlarged rotational molded 4” MAF housing provides improved airflow
  • Precision-engineered rotational molded airbox improves flow and reduces engine bay heat soak
  • Includes high-flow oiled washable filter for maximum flow and protection
  • Inlet pipe available in black or red micro wrinkle powder-coated finish
  • Requires ECU calibration due to substantial airflow increases


Item Specifications

Platform Fitment: FK8

Engine: K20C1 Engines



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