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K20c Turbo Manifold V2- G/GTX up to 35 Series

K20c Turbo Manifold V2- G/GTX up to 35 Series

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Does your turbo manifold push your turbo into your radiator? Fitting a larger frame turbo? We have the solution for you with this manifold. It's Machined from 304 Stainless, this header plate is .5” thick and includes welding on both sides for ultimate durability. Starting life as a piece of sheet stock, this is cut with a water jet and the forming is finished on the VF2ss.

We surface the header using a CNC. Not to forget the light surfacing we include with a belt sander, in order to get the correct “grit” surface finish for the perfect level of sealing properties possible.

Version 2 - now available- Slightly bigger exhaust port to use on ported heads. They are acceptable for use on stock heads also!

This Manifold features a Garrett style v band flange for turbos ranging from G25 to G35 and any GTX up to the 35R series.


Item Specifications

Platform Fitment: FK8/FN2 and Accord 2.0T

Engine: K20C Engines

Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Item SKU: K20HP-2

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