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K20C Direct Port Methanol or Nitrous Plate

K20C Direct Port Methanol or Nitrous Plate

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Even distribution for methanol injection is finally here! The direct port plate has recessed provisions for 4 nozzles allowing the nozzle tip to be just above the air travel path, allowing for the best atomization and heat extraction to occur. Each cylinder is now able to accurately consume the same amount of methanol as next. With nozzles above 1000cc, you are now able to inject more methanol than ever before

The Perform NC Direct Port Kit installs between the intake manifold and the cylinder head. Allowing the users to install either methanol injection or nitrous systems to their K20C Engines in the Civic Type R and Accord. In the kit you will receive an American Made CNC machined adapter plate, OEM Honda Gaskets and hardware. Acceptable for use with 100% Methanol.

This is designed to use 90* Meth nozzles, multiple sources for them are available. Devils Own, Pro Meth etc..

This does not fit the oem upper pipe, you will need to source your own piping or coupler solution.

Known fitments are PRL piping.

This product is never to be used on pollution controlled vehicles.

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