JE Ultra K20C Pistons

JE Ultra K20C Pistons

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  • Crown requires no deburring or preparation

  • 2618 T6 high tensile forged aluminum

  • NEW SYMMETRICAL K20C FSR forging! State of the art skirt technology with a dedicated skirt designed to reduce friction and mass while providing a more rigid and durable platform (Skirt Style F).

  • In this environment, higher boost levels or heavy nitrous usage necessitate JE's wrought 2618 alloy.

  • FSR pistons include offset pins for quiet operation.

Ultra Series Includes:

Grain Flow Optimized Forging
Lateral Gas Ports
Ceramic Crown Coating
Perfect Skirt Coating
Accumulator Groove
Double Broach Pin Oiling
Upgraded 9310 Pins and locks
Carbon Steel Nitride Rings
OEM K20C Connecting rod pin bore must be honed to accept 22mm (.866") wrist pin.

***86.5mm is special ordered, 1 month lead times***