FK8 Fuel Injectors +35%-

FK8 Fuel Injectors +35%-

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Now available- Bigger injectors sold separately.

Perfect for supplying the additional fuel needed for both drop in turbochargers as well as the Garrett G series line of turbos.

Stock fuel injectors flow 93lb/hr at 100bar fuel pressure. They are running out of fuel around 440 whp on ethanol blends and 475whp on gasoline. We have developed a drop in solution that will flow 1400cc if fuel at rated 100 bar.

They are a Bosch core and are OEM ECU compatible! and have OEM like drivability characteristics. These injectors will flow upwards of 625whp using a non oxygenated, gasoline based racing fuel and XDI HPFP.


You are required to swap your injector collar over from your oem set of injectors. There are two reasons this is required- Injector tip placement and the compression of the tip seal. Too big of a collar and the seal is not compressed enough. We found this to be problematic with other brands that caused misfires. Perform NC chooses to remove the collars prior to shipment to avoid any injector tip placement issues.

Tuning notes provided as well as collar swap instructions.

This product is never to be used on pollution controlled vehicles.