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XDI FK8 HPFP and Complete Kits

XDI FK8 HPFP and Complete Kits

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Fuel Injectors
Low Pressure Pump

**Current lead time is 4 weeks***

Perform NC has developed the first XDI HPFP, LPFP and injector kit on the market! We have been using and running this kit to 650 with gasoline and 575 on ethanol blends!

This Patent Pending GDI high pressure pump delivers up to 36% more fuel flow.
The kit comes with everything you need: the HPFP, base plate, hardware, adapter fittings.

Easy to install with basic hand tools in an hour as it is right on top of the engine. A Slight bend in the fuel line is necessary.

To get even more out of the XDI, they recommend to drill the factory fuel line to 5/64. (highly recommended)



*Flow is 36% more than OEM Pump

*240 bar capable

*Higher RPM limit of 9000


Never before has the community been offered injectors separately. We have created an OEM ECU solution for a complete drop in set of injectors that are capable of flowing 36% more than the stock injectors. They are available with or without a XDI pump purchase. Tuning information available to purchasers.


DW300c with Installation kit- Rated for ethanol and has shown it is capable of flowing 575 on e85 and well into the 600s with blends.

The factory pump made 573 on our shop car with e70. But those interested in using this pump for ethanol use will need to use a ethanol rated pump as the contacts wear out (quickly) on a stock pump.

This product is never to be used on pollution controlled vehicles.

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