What is the standard turn around for E-tune revisions?

-This one varies with two main factors. First, you, the customer and how prompt you choose to be with your data log submission. That said, if you can provide us with the requested data log files for the day we can typically (in most cases but not always) get you at least 1 revision a day and sometimes 2 at the most. The second factor is our workload. Sometimes we have might have more individuals interested in the E-tune services at one give season than another. This would, as you could imagine cause a bottle neck in some cases. None the less, we won't forget you and the hard earned money you've spent on us to do our job for you. We just ask you be patient with us, as we want to give you the best services possible and perfection shouldn't rushed now should it?

Do you offer re-calibration at a flat rate?







How long does the shipping normally take from PerformNC?

-With all things considered, once payment is received there is a 1 day (minimum) turn around time for processing and packaging purposes. Typically after the item is packaged, it's ready and is sent on the way out to you. That said, if there is any issues with payment or other unforeseen circumstances which can cause a delay.

What shipping service provider does PerformNC utilize and are there shipping options or just a single standard selection?

-Depends on the item, but typically we choose USPS in most if not all cases. Yes there is a few different options to choose from regarding faster or expedited shipping methods at the expense of the buyer of course. If options are available they will be given at the checkout page when the information for the items destination has been provided successfully.