About Us




Started in 2020 by owner and creator Taylor King, based out of Wilmington North Carolina.  The company's name comes from not only a passion but also an  exceptional level of skill that Taylor maintains while machining, specifically The CNC table. The letters NC in Perform NC stand for not North Carolina, but  "Numerical Control",  more commonly know as the last part of the "CNC" (table) which is actually Computer Numerical Control.



Taking an Interest in the Civic SI Platform prior to owning the FK8, Seeing the car for the first time in person brought on his instant and undeniable attraction to what would be key in the company's take off.



Parting with the SI and hoping in the newly acquire FK8, he knew this was going to be his time to shine. Getting to work quickly on building his ride, he was able to break several records on the stock block where power was the regard for the K201C the heart and soul of the FK8.



Fast forwarding to now, where the transformation of the FK8 through hard work and critical analysis of key factors in performance data from the platform has got Taylor and the company to where it stands now.