We made 725 whp!

We made 725 whp!

When we made 600 on a stock engine, we knew we wanted more.  Many people have broken the 600whp mark with Motec while only a hand full have broken 600whp with hondata.  The limit to making power is very subjective, how well do you want your car to run?  How reliable is the horsepower that our community is making?  This post isn't going to be telling people the limit of their engine, it is simply a limit of the software that is controlling it.  Motec has made this adventure possible and I don't feel it is going to be able to be done using the OEM ecu any time soon.  The difference now is just too far apart for them to catch up.  

We started out with our 2020 Type R to become familiar with the platform.  We had no clue of tuning characteristics and how they would react to changes.  We were a victim of the oem knock sensor and its false knock reporting. We could have made more but we were happy with the power we made with our first turbo kit. In Dec 2020 We made 465 on 28 psi (car had 1200 miles on it). Boy were we in for a treat a less than a year later.

After learning the platform and really understanding the direct injection quirks on this car, we pioneered a budget fuel system for the car.  Offering the XDI pump and our own injector has driven us to new heights in performance and affordability. Using our parts we still need a supplement fuel system for over 600whp.  We turn to port injection for a easy fuel system but also keep the valves clean (unlike a direct injection only car)

Now we make our second turbo kit, featuring a g30 (1st to market) and make 465 on pump gas and 608 on e45. These cars love a bigger turbine.  The dual variable camshaft timing allows us to quickly spool larger turbos that are not much laggier than a stock style turbo.   Tuning is very important to maintain this drivability. 

We knew 608 wasn't that impressive as others with smaller turbos have made 600 them selves.  Knowing of the best engines builders out there, we contacted golden eagle and 4 Piston for our engine.  Featuring a new sleeved block, JE ultra Boostline Rods,4p CNC head, 4p Cams and turned the boost as high as it would hold.  Making 525 on pump gas and 725 (uncorrected) on e45 are the new boost only k20c records!  We are happy to hold them and continue to build and search for new possible ways to make more power with our platform.

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